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Project Manager of Green Wing & Researcher

Nida pic_edited.jpg

Nida is Project Leader for 'Green Wing', our sister company and sustainability project which aims to make going green easier for the media production sector. The project aims to build and provide an innovative new service for Welsh production companies - streamlining sustainability within the production process, taking the headache out of tracking carbon emissions, and saving time and money in the process.


Nida's credits include development research for wildlife programmes for Animal Planet, as well as a range of lifestyle content for Islam Channel, where she worked as an AP on daily live studio shows like 'Women's AM' and 'Living the Life' as well as several shorter documentaries.

She has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and a MSc in Science Media Production from Imperial College, London.


Nida loves exploring new ways of communicating complex subjects to different audiences, and the interconnections between scientific thinking and the creative process.

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