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Assistant Producer


FUN FACT: Jane is a fifth-generation farmer with an academic background in Agriculture.


Jane is an Assistant Producer at Little Bird Films and has a background in Specialist Factual, Science and History productions. She joined Little Bird Films to work across our Specialist Factual development slate, working on ideas for international broadcasters.

Jane is especially keen to uncover how new technologies and scientific developments can be used to solve problems and mysteries, and approach subjects in new and innovative ways. 

She began her career in television in 2014 and has since worked as a Researcher and Assistant Producer on productions for both UK and international broadcasters. She has experience in securing access to institutions and setting up foreign filming. Her specialist factual credits include Gathering Storm and Drain the Oceans for National Geographic, Colosseum for the History Channel, and Follow the Food for BBC World News, which explores global innovations in food production.

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