Hayley Goes Maternal 

1 x 30'  | BBC3 + BBC 1


Hayley loves kids – other people’s that is.! At 29 years old, she’s the average age of a first time mum in Britain, yet she doesn’t seem to have a maternal bone in her body. But with Hayley’s biological clock ticking and many of her friends having already given birth, she decides it’s time to embrace motherhood, Hayley-style! 

From midwife training to taking care of an all-crying, all-screaming simulation baby, Hayley takes a walk on her maternal side for two weeks. Facing up to her fertility fears, she’ll meet a woman who fought to be sterilized at 30 and a 51-year-old who made history after becoming Britain’s oldest mother of quads. As she explores what it means to become a ‘mam’, will it make her feel broody for the first time in her life?