Hayley Goes Offline 

1 x 30' | BBC3 + BBC1

| Documentary

Hayley is never without her smartphone. Social media connects her to her mates, keeps her up to date with celebrity gossip, and it is even how she gets her news. But what is it doing to her self-esteem and mental health? To find out, Hayley attempts to give up her smartphone for two weeks to explore the impact that being switched on and connected 24/7 has on our lives. 

As she struggles to adjust to life out of the loop, she is shocked to discover just how reliant she is on her smartphone and the dangers that living life through a lens can bring. From pop stars to psychologists, brain scans to BBC Newsbeat, Hayley explores the pressures of being online and the realities of the fake lives and fake news that are filling our social media feeds. And after her two weeks are up, will she ditch her smartphone forever? Or are some habits simply too hard to break?