Hayley Goes Vegan 

1 x 30' | BBC3 + BBC1

| Documentary

Hayley’s a self-confessed meat and dairy lover who just can’t get enough of her beloved steak and cheese. And she’s never even thought about what it takes to get a sirloin on to her plate and milk in to her fridge. So how will she cope with her latest challenge – going vegan - for two weeks? Facing up to the animals in her fridge, in her wardrobe and on her skin, Hayley wants to understand what the growing vegan trend is all about. From farmers and footballers to activists and models, Hayley meets people on all sides of the debate. 

Exploring the world of diets, fitness and animal welfare, Hayley wants to see if a plant-based lifestyle could work for her. She finds a novel way to get her much-needed cheese fix and faces up to the reality of meat production during a visit to an abattoir. But at the end of the two weeks, will she give up her carnivore lifestyle or will the lure of a Saturday night kebab just be too much? This might just be the hardest thing she’s ever done